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ABBAS - Cyclamen Plant


  • A beautiful white cyclamen planted gift, elegant, upswept petals.
  • Planted in a galvanised steel or grey basket planter.
  • Cyclamen make excellent, long blooming houseplants that require minimal care.
  • Delivery in Winchester and surrounding Villages.
  • Available in Pink / White.
  • Planted gifts require 48hrs NOTICE   
  •  Cyclamen are pretty easy and reliable plants indoors, and if you keep them cool (out of direct sunlight and away from radiators), they look good for about eight weeks. Too much heat in a sunny window will encourage early dormancy, while growing in light, but cool conditions may see them continue to flower into April

           A delightful tuberous perennial providing colour often when little else is flowering,  particularly in late winter or early spring

Basic Cyclamen Plant Care -  Cyclamen care starts with the correct temperature. In nature, cyclamens grow in cool, humid environments