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British Wild Flowers Gallery.

There are over 1,200 British Wild Flowers. These notes assume little knowledge of botany. Descriptions are elementary and flowers are not necessarily grouped botanically but by colour.  Few are used in general Floristry and most are diminutive in size which prohibits this. Flowers are arranged in five colour groups.

White / Cream Flowers.

Traveller's Joy or Old Mans Beard. Clematis Vitalba.

Found in the hedgerows commonly in Southern England. Flowers in the Summer. Climbs and trails to great length. The styles grow out into plumy tails the in the Autumn covering the hedges with feathery clouds.

Wood Anemone or Windflower. Anemone Nemorosa.

Found in Woods and Copses and very common in Britain. Flowering Early-spring. 4 - 9 inches high. These delicate white flowers are often tinged with pink. The stem is tinged dull red.

Slender Fruited Watercress. Nasturtium uniseriatum.

Loves wet places, ditches, streams. Common in Britain. Flowers all Summer. Small four-petalled flowers grow in clusters at the end of the stems. Floats in water, creeps on mud and wet places. Has a pungent taste.

Jack by the Hedge - Garlic Mustard. Sisymbrium Alliara. 

Prevalent in Britain less so in Scotland. Grows 1-3ft tall. Small white flowers with four crosswise petals. The plant smells of garlic when the stem is bruised. Found in lanes, fields and hedgerows.

Shepherds Purse - Capsella Bursa-pastoris.

A very common weed. Little flowers grow in a long spike. Flowers nearly all year round. The leaves are arrow shaped and often hairy. Love waste ground, banks and roadsides.